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Celebrate the Smallidays with SMALLAPALOOZA


Like many people, sometimes I get into a mental funk. Impossible, right? Well, it’s true. This month, the Emma’s Yarn Smallidays 2021 holiday yarn set has been making every day LITERALLY a little brighter! I’ve been so blown away by the gorgeous colors that I was inspired to design a pullover shawl / poncho pattern that is a totally yarn-forward ode to color. Better yet, I want to share it with everyone NOW. I can’t wait, so I’m releasing it here and on Ravelry as essentially a FREE DRAFT.

It may have mistakes. It most certainly may have some tweaks before I’m done, since I myself am only on color 6 of 25! I expect that this might be a bit of an adventure, so hopefully those of you that want to take a knitting adventure download this pattern with a little grace for any quirks that this early version might have. I just know that I have gotten a huge pick me up from this project this month, and I want to share the love and the joy of the smallidays with you all!

Check out the pattern page for more information and to download SMALLAPALOOZA for free. I will send along an update once the final pattern is ready after the holidays, but feel free to cast on now and join me in this adventure. If you don’t have a kit from Emma’s Yarn, you can use any mini-skein holiday kit or even leftovers from your stash! Just pick colors that make you smile, laugh, and sing!

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