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Test Knit Call: Funfetti Cupcake Tee (CLOSED)

Updated: Dec 8, 2021



The Funfetti Cupcake Tee is named for the gorgeous variegated colorway that is used for the “sprinkles” effect of the lace panels on the front and back. I loved the interplay of pink, gold, and teal of a pretty skein of Emma’s Yarn and based the design idea from taking that special skein and turning it into a special tee.

Knit from one variegated colorway and one solid, this tee can be worn on its own or paired with a blouse for a topper as we move through the seasons. This tee is size inclusive and totally customizable in width and length! Dive your stash to turn that perfect indie dyed skein into a stunning top!

I have prepared an overview video to introduce you to the pattern and to help you consider yarn, fit, and sizing. This top has pre-baked sizes ranging from 29.5” (74 cm) to 70” (175 cm). Additionally, I’ve included a recipe to calculate the top to any custom size you want!

I’m looking for test knitters across a wide range of sizes. Please consult the Fit Guide and note which size you would be interested in testing. The sample is knit with 1” (2.5 cm) of positive ease, but you can make this top boxy and slouchy if you prefer. You can also knit it longer than enumerated, and I’m interested in seeing test knitters do longer versions too.

Funfetti Cupcake Tee Fit Guide
Download PDF • 9.39MB

Perks of Testing for Crypto Knits

  • Free copy of this final pattern once it’s released to the public.

  • For test knitters assisting me with this pattern, I am gifting each test knitter a one-year membership in the Crypto Knits Knitting Circle ($60 value on an annual basis), which comes with (1) special coupons for pattern discounts and free patterns at least monthly which will only be available to knitting circle members, (2) priority consideration for future test knit calls, (3) special channels on the Crypto Knits discord server for support, behind the scenes chat, and other special content, (4) early access to views of upcoming designs, and more. If you’ve already tested for me before, I will offer an additional free pattern code at the end of the test knit, as you are already a member of the Crypto Knits Knitting Cicle.

Terms for Participating

  • You will need the following materials to participate, which I won’t be supplying for this test knit: (1) enough yards or meters of fingering weight yarn at approximately 4 yards per gram a contrast colorway and a main colorway (check the Fit Guide for yarn estimates), (2) one US 5 (3.75mm) circular needle, (3) 1 stitch marker, and (4) a tapestry needle and blocking materials for finishing. Note that the sample was knit using one skein of Emma’s Super Silky yarn in No Place Like Home for the CC and Knitwise Silk Sock in Mink for the MC. You do not need to use this yarn. Any yarn of comparable weight will work great for the test knit. If you plan to use a variegated skein, I urge that you pair it with a solid so that that variegated yarn shines. If possible, choosing a yarn with some silk will assist with the drape of the final project, but I am not going to require knitters to use silk blends. I am looking for a variety of fibers.

  • You should be an advanced beginner at least as a knitter. You do not have to have knit a garment before, as this pattern should be suitable for a first garment, but you should have enough knowledge to knit in the round and understand how waste yarn is used. Some techniques that are used are an i-cord cast on, a simple lace stitch, selvedge edges, ribbing, and seaming using a mattress stitch. You do not have to be familiar with all of these techniques, but you need to be willing to learn them. Video tutorials where appropriate will be linked in the pattern.

  • You must be willing to track the gauge, yardage used, and provide feedback on errors, clarity, and usability of the pattern. I will circulate a survey link to everyone at the end to collect feedback.

  • You should be able to provide pattern feedback by the end of November. To adequately provide feedback, you should have finished and seamed the sweater and have final yardage, dimensions, and gauge after the project is completed and blocked.

  • You do not have to be a Ravelry user to participate, but if you are, I ask that you create a project on Ravelry and link it to the pattern with the test code that I will provide everyone.

  • You do not have to be a Discord user, but if you are willing to engage on the Discord server, that would be helpful in tracking posts, files, images, and announcements. It also has voice channels, so if I need to provide audio or video support for an explanation, that is a possibility with Discord. I prefer it to the Ravelry forums. If you prefer not to work with Discord, you can email me directly with feedback and questions, although you will miss out on the other chat that might come from using Discord.

Pattern Details


Varies based on size chosen. Sample is 37” (92.5 cm) by 15.5” (39 cm)


Fingering weight yarn at approximately 4 yards (3.7m) per gram, preferably an 80/20 wool/silk if you have it available in two contrasting color ways. Yardage/meterage of each colorway can be found on the Fit Guide.


US Size 5, 3.75 mm circular needles with a 24” (60 cm) cord


  • 1 stitch markers

  • Tapestry needle

  • Blocking materials


25 stitches by 31 stitches per four inches (10 cm)


I-Cord Cast On Very Basic Lace Knitting Seeded Rib Mattress Stitch Seaming


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