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Test Knit Call: Take Me to Rhinebeck Cocoon



I designed Take Me to Rhinebeck because I love, love, love circular shawls, but I find them hard to wear. If the design is spread out for everyone to see, the shawl doesn’t stay on my shoulders, and if it is bunched up or folded, you don’t see the design. I decided to solve this problem with a cocoon sweater. Knit as a giant octagon, the expansive vintage lace panel is knit entirely in the round. Once the lace is finished, all the stitches remain live and put on waste yarn, and the piece is blocked to shape. From there, some of the live stitches are seamed with a three needle bind off for the sleeve, and the ribbed cuffs and collars are finished in the round. No picking up stitches!

My sample is knit from three skeins of Fiber Optics Yarns Kashmir base all in the Pink Armadillo gradient colorway along with skeins of both terminal colors. This oversized cocoon can be knit to the specified size or you can continue to knit the mesh on a larger needle to create more length across the back and arms as well as coverage in the front.

I have prepared an overview video to introduce you to the pattern as well as provide additional details on seaming the blocked piece.

Perks of Testing for Crypto Knits

  • Free copy of this final pattern once it’s released to the public.

  • For test knitters assisting me with this pattern, I am gifting each test knitter a one-year membership in the Crypto Knits Knitting Circle ($60 value on an annual basis), which comes with (1) special coupons for pattern discounts and free patterns at least monthly which will only be available to knitting circle members, (2) priority consideration for future test knit calls, (3) special channels on the Crypto Knits discord server for support, behind the scenes chat, and other special content, (4) early access to views of upcoming designs, and more. If you’ve already tested for me before, I will offer an additional free pattern code at the end of the test knit, as you are already a member of the Crypto Knits Knitting Cicle.

Terms for Participating

  • You will need the following materials to participate, which I won’t be supplying for this test knit: (1) enough yards or meters of fingering weight yarn at approximately 4 yards per gram to knit your preferred diameter of cocoon, which will be at least 1250 yards but could be up to 1500 yards, (2) one each US 4 (3.5 mm), US 5 (3.75 mm), and US 6 (4 mm) circular needles with cords ranging up to 60” (120 cm), and an optional set of US 4 (3.5 mm) DPNs if you prefer to begin on DPNs, (3) 8 stitch markers, one of which is unique for BOR, (4) scrap yarn to place the live stitches on for blocking, and (5) a tapestry needle and blocking materials for finishing. Note that the sample was knit using a merino cashmere nylon blend base. You do not need to use this yarn. Any yarn of comparable weight will work great for the test knit. You will get additional drape if you use a yarn that includes silk. If you plan to use a gradient yarn, as I did for the sample, make sure that you get enough of a gradient yarn to work the main body. The collar and cuffs can be a contrast color as mine was, or you can continue the gradient to the end.

  • You should be familiar with knitting lace in the round. You do not have to have knit a garment before, as this pattern should be suitable for a first garment, but you should have enough knowledge to knit in the round and understand how waste yarn is used. Some techniques that are used are a circular cast on, a complex charted and written lace motif, three needle bind off, and ribbing. You do not have to be familiar with all of these techniques, but you need to be willing to learn them. Video tutorials where appropriate will be linked in the pattern.

  • You must be willing to track the gauge, yardage used, and provide feedback on errors, clarity, and usability of the pattern. I will circulate a survey link to everyone at the end to collect feedback.

  • You should be able to provide pattern feedback by the end of January. To adequately provide feedback, you should have finished and seamed the sweater and have final yardage, dimensions, and gauge after the project is completed and blocked.

  • You do not have to be a Ravelry user to participate, but if you are, I ask that you create a project on Ravelry and link it to the pattern with the test code that I will provide everyone.

  • You do not have to be a Discord user, but if you are willing to engage on the Discord server, that would be helpful in tracking posts, files, images, and announcements. It also has voice channels, so if I need to provide audio or video support for an explanation, that is a possibility with Discord. I prefer it to the Ravelry forums. If you prefer not to work with Discord, you can email me directly with feedback and questions, although you will miss out on the other chat that might come from using Discord.

Pattern Details


46” (115 cm) diameter from edge to edge in any direction. Can be knit larger or smaller.


A fingering weight yarn at approximately 4 yds (3.7 m) per gram with enough yardage to obtain your desired size. The sample was knit with 1220 yards (1116 meters) of yarn.

The sample uses skeins of Fiber Optic Yarns Kashmir base (80% sw merino / 10% cashmere / 10% nylon) in the gradient Pink Armadillo (470 yds / 430 m) with one skein of Mink (420 yds / 385 m) continuing the gradient and one skein of Fairytale (330 yds / 302 m) for the contrast ribbing.


  • US Side 4, 3.5 mm DPNs (optional)

  • US Size 4, 3.5 mm circular needles with a 24” (60 cm) cable, using magic loop if desired

  • US Size 5, 3.75 mm circular needles with a 32” (80 cm) cable

  • US Size 6, 4 mm circular needles with a 60” (120 cm) cable

  • For larger sizes only, a US Size 8, 4.5 mm circular needle with a 60” (120 cm) cable.


  • 8 stitch markers, one unique for BOR

  • Tapestry needle

  • Blocking materials, including optional blocking wires

  • Scrap yarn


24 stitches by 32 stitches per 4 inches (10 cm), using a US 4 (3.5 mm) needle


  • Circular Cast On

  • Lace Knitting, including large lace motifs

  • Three Needle Bind Off

  • Twisted Rib

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Tammy Plemmons
Tammy Plemmons
03 de dez. de 2021

Applied :) I wasnt sure about the ‘knitting an extended version’ I need to see how large it is on me before that point lol

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